Ideas for Engagement Photo Shoots

Nowadays, pre-wedding photo shoots, also known as engagement photo shoots, are often being done by couples ready to tie the knot. Not only are engagement photos a great testament of your love, but it’s also an excellent way of finding out if your hired photographer in Syracuse is truly a good one. And, let’s admit it, having engagement photos can really be thrilling!

Engagement Photo Shoots

Before you go and hire a professional for your engagement photo shoot, you should, at least, know what you want for the shoot. Would you be more comfortable doing an indoor shoot, or are you the outdoorsy type who wants to shoot in an open area? Answering questions like these would help narrow down your choices and ultimately arrive at a decision.


Alternatively, you can ask your photographer from Syracuse for ideas or themes for engagement photos; but, in case you haven’t asked them yet, here are some of the most imaginative and cute ideas for pre-wedding photo shoots:


  • The theme could be about a hobby or interest you and your significant other both share. What’s great about this is that you can be sure that you will enjoy the shoot since the atmosphere would instantly entice you. If you want to shoot outdoors and you both love mountain climbing, the theme and location could be on top of a mountain. If your shared hobby is something you can do indoors, such as cooking, for instance, you can have a cooking or kitchen-themed engagement photo shoot.
  • If you have a pet (or pets), you can include them in the photos – this is a lovely way to involve your beloved pets in your beautiful memories. Pets can make the shoot instantly cute, too. Engagement photo shoot with pets can be done indoors and outdoors.
  • You can also go back to the place you first met. If you were high school sweethearts, the theme could revolve around the school; a look back on how you both fell in love for the first time with each other.
  • If you want to go for the classic, formal shoot, you can never go wrong with choosing the traditional church (wedding-y) themed engagement shoot. Engagement shoots done in beautiful churches exude a special elegance to them that are undeniably timeless.
  • Themes with fictitious, iconic characters and their other half can be ingenious as well. You can go for iconic couples from ancient times or go for modern day partners.

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