Popular Types of Photography You Should Learn

Every skilled photographer started in one place: being a beginner. If you have just venturing photography, whether just for a hobby or as a means to earn a living, you have to pick a specific type of style of photography to learn first – you can’t just expect to learn every style simultaneously in just one sitting.


It is important to choose just one style at a time for you to be able to dedicate all your concentration on it so you can fully master it. Once you have mastered one style, you can move on to the next style you prefer.


In order for you to make up your mind about which style you want to excel in first, you have to at the very least know about your choices. When it comes to photography, there are numerous types of styles you can choose from, and some of the most popular types you might want to learn first are as follows:


Panoramic Photography


Panoramic photography is among the most famous styles of photography today. It involves taking numerous shots of the same scene, then putting the photos together to be able to form one wide shot.


HDR Photography


HDR or High Dynamic Range photography is another popular photography styles that entail taking multiple photos of the same scene to highlight the darkest and lightest luminosity of the same scene.


Light Painting Photography


This photography style is dedicated to capturing light source as it moves within a space with the use of long exposure. This style is sometimes called light art performance photography or light drawing.


Portrait Photography


A person or a group of people is the usual subject of portrait photography. This style aims to capture the emotions of the subject. Almost all photos were taken using the portrait photography style involve the subject to look directly at the camera.